Learning the Ropes, RYA Sail

To have the skills it takes to sail safely and competently is a wonderfully empowering thing. If you're a novice or keen to up your sailng skills - we can take you through your RYA qualifications. Here are the details.

Please note, for all of our courses we provide all the safety equipment you will need and train you fully in its use.

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Start Sailing - RYA Level 1 Keelboat course

The aim of this course is to introduce the sport of sailing to novices and covers the basic techniques and background of sailing a yacht

Sailing Skills - RYA Level 2 Keelboat course

Building on the experience gained in Level 1, this course covers the four essentials of sailing, handling under power, coming alongside, mooring and anchoring, man overboard and collision regulations.

NEW - Sailing Skills - RYA Level 3 Keelboat course

A new course from the RYA, Level 3 Keelboat course will aim to make you more confident in sailing skills and techniques, and ready to progress onto the advanced modules.

Sailing Ahead - RYA Seamanship Skills course

This course is aimed at students who have completed a Level 2 course and is a more comprehensive look at sailing techniques such as sailing in adverse conditions, towing, heaving to, anchoring and coming alongside pontoons and moorings. On successful completion of the course, the sailor will be able to make seamanlike decisions in moderate conditions.

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