The best Corporate Days out of the office

Sail out of the office on an Outrun team building or training day. By their nature, these are bespoke to your needs, so please contact us and we'll talk through the details of what you need, what we can offer, and our fees.

If you're planning a day out of the office (whatever the reason) sailing with Outrun on Windermere might just be the activity to tick all the boxes.

Our corporate days often see us sailing with a great mix of people and personalities. That's why sailing works so well - young and old, men and women, the super-fit and the less active, CEO's and trainees - all can sail together without any great difference in ability.

Sailing is the ultimate team experience - without communication it's impossible to sail a yacht effectively. So if it looks like you might be losing the race to colleagues in the other boats, the adrenaline kicks in and everybody starts to listen, act and work together.

Sailing is fun, exciting and competitive. It's about working as a team, breaking down barriers and sometimes overcoming fears. And because most people don't have easy access to sailing, it's often a new experience too.

The sheer exhilaration of a day on the lake, surrounded by this truly amazing landscape has a habit of changing people. We know, it's changed us.

Management Training and Team Building

Think of the lake as a classroom. Your people are the pupils being put to the test in a dynamic environment, with measurable effects back on dry land (the office).

Some organisations use their own training companies to work in conjunction with Outrun. Others ask us to facilitate. Most often, the day also includes a classroom session where lessons learned on the water are applied to specific situations within the organisation. However the day is put together, the results always prove that sailing is an extremely effective medium for training and team building exercises.

Time and time again we see how sailing has this uncanny knack of totally absorbing everyone on board. Each will be too engaged in the experience to realise how much of their true character is being revealed, and how much they're learning about teamwork, negotiation, delegation and leadership (and what's more, they'll love you for it!)

Lessons learned on the lake are memorable, not least because of the fun everybody's having in the process. This is often the place where the penny finally drops and people begin to truly understand what it is to be part of a dynamic, motivated and successful organisation.

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Please remember that we are more than happy to arrange all the extra bits to help make your time with us seamlessly complete (saving you time and hassle) - accommodation, luxury lunches, afternoon tea hampers, professional trainers, conference facilities - anything at all, please just ask.

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