Flotilla Holiday School

If you’re planning a flotilla holiday then we can offer Introductory and Reminder sailing courses to ensure you have the minimum experience levels recommended to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday afloat.

Sailing courses can be taken with Outrun Sailing in the stunning scenery and non-tidal waters of Windermere.

Introduction to Yachting - 4 day course

(can be taken as 2x 2 day courses)
Ideal for complete beginners this course is aimed at people who want to take a flotilla holiday, or if you want to learn the basics before buying your own yacht.

This course teaches you all the elements of sailing that a novice would need to sail a yacht on a flotilla holiday. By the end of the four days you will have the confidence to skipper your own boat in non-tidal waters.

Course content

Reminder - 2 day Pre-Flotilla course

If you’ve been on a flotilla holiday before and want to refresh your skills we can offer this very helpful refresher course. Or if you’ve sailed in the past but need to familiarise yourself with the skills needed on a larger yacht, this course will do just that. There is no set syllabus but the course will cover all the areas you feel you need practice.

Course Content
All the elements in the Introduction to Yachting course, paying special attention to handling the boat under engine, anchoring and berthing along with the tricks that make life afloat safer and more comfortable.

Please note, for any of our courses we provide all the safety equipment you will need and train you fully in its use.

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